Austin Real Estate Fraud Lawyer

Austin real estate fraud lawyer, Jason Coomer handles real estate lawsuits throughout central Texas. More specifically, he represents homeowners and other landowners who have been fraudulently tricked into purchasing defective property. He also represents rightful landowners who have had their interests in Texas real property fraudulently stolen. As such, he handles a variety of real estate cases including hidden defect claims, forged deed cases, theft of inherited real property, theft of mineral interests, adverse possession disputes, partition actions, and title cases. If you need an Austin real estate fraud lawyer to advise you on an Austin real estate fraud claim, please feel free to contact Austin real estate lawyer Jason Coomer through e-mail or use our contact form.

Austin Real Estate Fraud Lawyer

Texas Real Estate Fraud Cases

In many Texas real estate fraud cases, homebuyers or investors purchase real property with hidden or concealed defects or defective title. In many of these situations they purchase houses, condos, duplexes, flooding problems, or construction defects. In other cases, he represents buyers who have been sold real property with defective title or based on false representations. He handles many different types of hidden defect buyer claims including undisclosed flooding problems, fire hazards, and plumbing problems. In reviewing these cases, his firm requires proof of significant damages typically over $50,000.00. He also requires documentation of all repairs and estimates for repairs, evidence of the misrepresentations, and all closing and sale documents.

He also handles commercial real estate fraud lawsuits. In these cases he represents businesses or investors prior to buying commercial real property as well as after they have purchased commercial real property. He also reviews commercial leases and other real estate transactions. Like residential cases, he typically requires proof of damages of over $50,000.00 to become involved in these cases, but can change an hourly rate based on a retainer to review transaction documents. Retainers for these reviews start at $5,000.00.

First Time Home Buyers and Real Estate Fraud

First time home buyers are especially vulnerable to defective homes. First time home buyer often have to rely more on the expertise of a real estate agent and can often get caught by a real estate agent that is more interested than a commission than helping a buyer get a good home. If you have been sold a home where the seller has failed to disclose significant problems or even worse has painted over or hidden significant problems with the home, you may have a cause of action against the seller and the real estate agents involved in the transactions.

Austin real estate lawyer Jason Coomer handles home defect claims where a seller or real estate agent has hidden significant problems with a home. He has also worked with San Antonio Real Estate Lawyers, Dallas Real Estate Lawyers, Houston Real Estate Lawyers, and other Austin Real Estate Lawyers in providing representation and advice on large fraudulent real estate transactions. He is admitted to practice in both Texas State Court and in Federal Court (Western District of Texas) as well as has handled real estate arbitrations, mediations, and negotiations.

Fraud in Real Estate Lawsuits

He also handles fraud in real estate transactions where a seller fraudulently makes a false representation of a past or existing material fact. The fraudulent misrepresentation must be made to induce another person into a contract and the buyer must have reasonably relied on this false representation. On these fraudulent misrepresentation claims, the misrepresentation must be material and significant.

Inherited Real Estate Lawsuits and Adverse Possession

He also handles inherited real estate lawsuits where Austin real property needs to be transferred out of one or more estates in order for the property to be sold. These inherited real estate lawsuits have become more common as Austin homes are increasing in cost and once the owner passes, their heirs and beneficiaries commonly cannot afford to pay the property taxes or maintain the property.

Further, Austin adverse possession lawsuits are becoming more common as some people have found it profitable to move into an Austin home after the death of a owner, then begin try to claim the home as their own. These adverse possession lawsuits often include having to evict the squatters then sell or partition the house.

Austin Builder Construction Defect Lawsuits

The most valuable asset many people have is their home. When someone is sold a home as new, there are typically several small issues that need to be resolved. However, sometimes builder will completely mess up on a home costing a buyer a significant amount of money to repair the home to make it livable or able to be sold. When a construction defect is significant, the buyer often needs a lawyer to represent them to seek damages to repair their home.

Austin Real Estate Fraud Lawyers Work With Buyers, Investors, and Other Other Individuals

As an Austin real estate lawyer he works with investors, buyers, sellers, and other individuals to resolve residential real estate disputes. He also works with other Texas Real Estate Lawyers in handling large commercial real estate litigation as well as other business law claims. In working with other Texas real estate lawyers, Austin real estate attorney Jason Coomer works hard to provide legal advice and good counsel on real estate transactions and real estate litigation.

If you need an Austin real estate lawyer or an Austin attorney to advise you on business development, contact Austin real estate lawyer Jason Coomer.

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