Austin Texas Probate Lawyer Jason S. Coomer Helps Heirs, Beneficiaries, Executors, and Administrators By Handling Contested and Uncontested Probate, Inheritance, and Intestate Lawsuits by Austin Texas Probate Lawyer and Austin Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Austin Texas Probate Lawyer Jason Coomer handles Texas probate, estate, and inheritance matters. He works with families including Texas families and out of state families on a variety of Texas probate, estate, and inheritance issues. These issues commonly include probating Wills, contesting Wills, fighting will contests, clearing title to estate property, claiming estate property, filing suits to determine rightful heirs of estates, filing breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits, and representing estate administrators. For questions on Texas probate, estate, and inheritance matters, please feel free to send an e-mail message to Austin Texas Probate Lawyer and Austin Texas Inheritance Lawyer Jason S. Coomer or please feel free to use our contact form.

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As A Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer, Contingent Death Benefit Lawyer, and Texas Contingent Estate Collection Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, Helps Heirs and Benefits Collect and Transfer Probate, Non-Probate, and Estate Assets Including Royalties, Real Estate, and Mineral Interests

In some situations family assets cannot get transferred or collected by their rightful heirs or beneficiaries because the heirs and beneficiaries cannot afford the cost of probate and other transfer costs. In these situations, a Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer or Texas Contingent Death Benefit Lawyer that works on a percentage of the estate property can help heirs and beneficiaries transfer estate property to rightful heirs and beneficiaries.

In these situations, the Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer or Texas Contingent Death Benefit Lawyer will typically need to see that there are actual significant assets in the estate and who the rightful heirs and beneficiaries are of the estate. In these cases, bank statements, life insurance policies, royalty statements, mutual fund statements, retirement fund statements, real property deeds, property tax information, and other evidence of the estate assets can be useful in determining the approximate value of the estate and if a contingent contract for probating the estate can be viable. For more information on a Texas Contingent Probate Lawsuit or Texas Contingent Non-Probate Matter, please feel free to go to the follow web page: Texas Contingent Probate Lawyer and Death Benefit Collection Lawyer.

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As an Austin Texas Probate Lawyer and Austin Texas Inheritance Lawyer, Jason Coomer works on a variety of different types of Texas Probate, Inheritance, and Estate Matters. In helping families with Texas inheritance and probate matters including probating Wills and determining heir through intestate matters, he has encountered many issues. Some common issues are discussed in more details on other web pages. For more information on Texas Inheritance, Estate, and Probate Law, please go to the Texas Probate Blog or the following web pages:

Texas Probate Law Basics

If there is a Will, the Will will need to be probated. Under Texas Probate law the probate process is a fairly simple process. In fact, Texas has the simplest and least expensive probate law in the nation. However, it is a good idea to have a Probate attorney walk you through the process as there are several rules that need to be followed.

Without a Valid Will or proper Estate Planning in Texas, a person's property will be distributed under Texas intestate law. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that the estate may be a dependant administration where the Court has to approve all distributions, guardianships, and sales of property. A dependant administration can be expensive, but sometimes it is the best way to probate an estate. Having a probate lawyer assist you through a dependant administration is almost essential when dealing with a large estate.

Under Texas Intestate law, a surviving spouse does not always inherit the estate. In fact, parents and siblings of the deceased can inherit portions of property that prevent a surviving spouse from selling property. Further, if minor children are involved their interests in real estate can prevent sale or refinancing unless there is a court order or a designated ad litem or guardian. The name of the game in Probate Law is to plan before hand. If this was not done or if the estate planning was done incorrectly, make sure that you have a good attorney to help you through the probate process.

If someone close to you has died and you need to obtain control of assets or even worse if there are others that are attempting to wrongfully seize assets, make sure that there is someone to look out for your interests. Someone to assist in seeking inventories and obtaining an accounting as to what has been spent and what needs to be done to free up property and assets.

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Austin Texas Probate Lawyer, Jason Coomer works with families and friends that have lost someone and need help navigating the Travis County Probate Court, Williamson County Court #4, Bexar County Probate Courts, and the Hays County Court. He also drafts Wills and Trusts to protect the wishes and best interests of his clients. For questions on Probate Administration, Estate Planning, or Wills and Trusts, please e-mail Austin Probate Attorney Jason S. Coomer at or use our contact form The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer.

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