Texas Business Partner Fraud Lawyer

Texas partnership fraud, corporation fraud, and joint venture fraud lawyer, Jason Coomer, handles business fraud litigation where a business partner, shareholder, investor, officer, or other wrongdoer steals, embezzles, or fraudulently takes money or business assets that do not belong to them. 

If you need a Texas partnership fraud, corporation fraud, or joint venture fraud attorney or a Texas Partnership attorney to advise you on business fraud litigation or a business dissolution, contact Texas Partnership and Corporation Fraud Lawyer Jason Coomer via e-mail message or use our online contact submission form.

Texas Corporation Fraud, Joint Venture Fraud, & Partnership Fraud Lawyer

There is nothing quite like the feeling of putting your heart and soul into a business and having it succeed to make big money and create significant wealth.  This success is the American Dream.  However, if after working long hours and/or investing your time, money, and resources into the business, you find out that a partner, investor, or other business entity has fraudulently taken money from the business, you will often need to obtain an aggressive and experienced business litigation attorney to prove the fraud and force the wrongdoer to pay back the stolen money or assets to your business.

Texas Partnership and Corporation Fraud Lawyer, Jason Coomer, represents partnerships, corporations, investors, individuals, and businesses through business fraud litigation.  He works with business clients that have suffered significant damages as a result of business fraud and the malfeasance of unscrupulous wrongdoers. 

He aggressively investigates corporate fraud and partnership fraud by reviewing business contracts, inventorying business assets, gathering business negotiation documents, collecting corporate documents, seeking e-mail correspondence, searching for inventory discrepancies, conducting computer forensics of hard drives, and gathering other evidence of business fraud to build strong business fraud cases for trial or arbitration.  In investigating and reviewing corporate and partnership fraud cases, he is often able to force fraudulent wrongdoers to offer settlements as well as take other cases through litigation.  As a Texas Business litigation attorney that has handled commercial litigation between former business partners battling for patents, trademarks, copy rights, web sites, domains, buildings, real property, customer lists, trade secrets, and other business assets, he is familiar with negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, Texas State Courts, and Federal Courts. 

Recovering Business, Corporate, and Partnership Assets Through Business Fraud Litigation and Corporate Fraud or Partnership Fraud Lawsuits

Protecting Corporate and Partnership assets including investment capital, mineral rights, intellectual property, water rights, stock, real estate, trade secrets, customer lists, and revenues is an important part of running a successful business.  However, sometimes someone in a position of power or with opportunity will take advantage of a situation to steal or take what does not belong to them.  The first step in recovering the assets is to obtain evidence of the fraudulent act.  Commonly, computer hard drives, e-mail messages, and accounting records are the best source of evidence to prove wrongdoing.  The  second step is to calculate the assets that were taken and any additional damages that this fraud has caused.  The third step is to identify all potential defendants that allowed the fraud to take place and determine what liability and ability to pay each potential defendant has.

In these situations, it is often valuable to have a skilled business litigation team familiar with accounting forensics, computer forensics, asset searches, Federal Law, and Texas law work on investigating and prosecuting corporate fraud lawsuits and partnership fraud lawsuits. 

Texas Business Litigation Legal Teams for Large Lawsuits

In handling Texas Business Litigation case, Jason Coomer has worked with a number of business litigation lawyers throughout Texas including San Antonio Business Litigation Lawyers, Houston Corporate Fraud Lawyers, Dallas Fort Worth Partnership Fraud Lawyers, and other Austin Business Litigation Lawyers.  Austin Business Lawyer, Jason Coomer is an experienced business litigation attorney that handles commercial real estate law, computer law, and other business litigation.  His office frequently works with other professionals to provide high end professional legal services at reasonable prices.

As a litigation attorney, Jason Coomer handles and works on several different types of cases.  He also often works with other lawyers and law firms to create litigation teams that are able to handle a wide variety of different types of cases as well as use multimedia technology to handle complicated litigation.

Texas Corporate, Joint Venture, & Partnership Fraud Lawyer

Austin partnership fraud and corporate fraud lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, helps individuals, partnerships, corporations, and businesses recover their assets and seek compensation for damages when a business, partner, or other wrongdoer commits business fraud.  If you need a Texas Corporate Fraud or Partnership Fraud attorney or a Texas Business Litigation Attorney to advise you on business litigation, contact Texas Partnership Fraud and Corporate Fraud Lawyer, Jason Coomer.


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