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Government corruption and government fraud has increased over the last decade allowing corrupt government contractors to price gouge, provide defective products, seek payment of services that were not provided, and provide false information to the government for the purpose of claiming payments or benefits.  Common qui tam lawsuits have allowed whistleblowers, lawyers, American heroes, and the government expose fraudulent government contractors, fraudulent defense contractors, FEMA fraud, health care fraud, and Medicare fraud.

If you are aware of a defense contractor, highway contractor, large health care company, or other large contractor or subcontractor that is defrauding the United States Government out of millions or billions of dollars, contact Texas Government Fraud lawyer, Jason Coomer, via e-mail  or online submission form for a review of a qui tam claim.

Government Spending and Government Fraud Lawsuits

As government spending in the United States moves past $5 Trillion in 2008, many corporations and dishonest people have found ways to defraud the government out of large amounts of money.  Whistleblowers that are aware of fraudulent billing of the government can often work with lawyers and the Department of Justice in exposing criminals, seeking back tax payer money, and preventing future fraud.

These qui tam lawsuits have helped government recover hundreds of billions of dollars that was taken through fraud on the government.  Often in these cases the fraudulent government contractor has paid off key government official to look the other way.  In other cases, the fraudulent government contractor is exploiting a lack of efficient supervision in the bureaucratic system.  In these cases, it typically takes a person with specialized knowledge to locate the fraud and expose it.

History of Whistleblower Lawsuits, Government Contractor Corruption, and Qui Tam Lawsuits

During the Civil War, corrupt military contractors were defrauding the United States Army out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and putting troops at risk by supplying troops with defective products and faulty war equipment. Illegal price gouging was a common practice and the armed forces of the United States suffered.  In response, Abraham Lincoln enacted the Federal Civil False Claims Act. A key provision of the act was known as qui tam.

In times of war corrupt government contractors including corrupt defense contractors sometimes begin to price gouge, provide troops with defective products, misstate what good are provided, and fraudulently take money from the government.  This is especially true when no bid contracts allow defense contractors to make huge profits without adequate checks on the goods or services provided.

Government Fraud Lawsuits, Qui Tam Lawsuits, and Qui Tam Lawyers

The "Qui Tam" abbreviation is from Latin and refers to "a person who files a suit for the king as for himself".  Qui tam claims have existed for centuries as deceptive government contractors have been around as long as government has contracted with private companies to provide services. Qui tam actions allow a private citizen or whistleblower to file a lawsuit on behalf of the U.S. government in an effort to recover losses caused by fraud against the government. The law is an incentive for civilians who know of individuals or companies making false claims for profit to come forward with information. In reward, the "whistleblower" (also known as the relator) shares in any federal revenue recovered.  In these situations, it is essential that the fraud exposed is not known, but is exposed by the relator.

Government Fraud Lawyers work with whistleblowers to expose deceptive and corrupt government contractors.  As a Texas Government Fraud Lawyer, Jason Coomer, works with other Texas Qui Tam Lawyers throughout the state of Texas as well as through the United States.  He is able to work with Houston Government Fraud Lawyers, Dallas Qui Tam Lawyers, San Antonio Government Fraud Lawyers, Washington Contractor Fraud Lawyers, New York Qui Tam Lawyers, Virginia Government Contractor Fraud Lawyers, and other Qui Tam Lawyers to help American heroes that blow the whistle on corrupt government contractors.

Health Care Qui Tam Lawsuits and Contractor Fraud Claims

In the 1980s as a result of increased government contractor fraud, Congress amended the False Claims Act to make it easier for whistleblowers to file claims against fraudulent corporations.  This expansion of the False Claims Act allowed Qui Tam Lawyers and whistleblowers to file qui tam claims against government contractors that were fraudulently misidentifying medical expenses and overcharging the government hundreds of millions of dollars.

The 1986 Amendment defines a "claim" as:

"...any request or demand which is made to a contractor, grantee, or other recipient if the United States Government provides any portion of the money or property which is requested or demanded, or if the government will reimburse such contractor, grantee, or other recipient for any portion of the money or property which is requested or demanded."

The whistleblower's share of recovery is a maximum of 30 percent and the government's prior knowledge of fraud now does not necessarily bar a whistleblower from collecting lost revenue. If the government took over the lawsuit, the relator can "continue as a party to the action." The defendant is also required to pay for the relator's attorney fees. The whistleblower is also protected from retaliatory actions by his or her employer. As a result or the amendment, qui tam lawsuits increased dramatically.   Though the amendment was first made fore corrupt defense contractors, the amendment has uncovered billions of dollars in health care fraud.

Anyone who defrauds the government out of revenue can be held accountable under the False Claims Act. Common defendants include defense contractors, health care providers, other government contractors & subcontractors, state and local government agencies,  and private universities. Whistleblowers often include current and former employees of the defrauding company, competitors of government contractors and public interest groups.

The False Claims Act was enacted to encourage private citizens to assist the government in the fight against fraud. Often the whistleblower faces an uphill battle as large, powerful corporations or individuals are usually named as defendants. An experienced attorney in qui tam claims may help you gain a percentage of stolen government funds.

Government Fraud Lawsuits, Government Contractor Fraud, and Whistleblower Lawsuits

Potential heroes that blow the whistle on government fraud and corruption include employees, former employees, high-level executives, sub contractors, general contractors, and people working with major defense contractors, telecommunications companies, and large health care organizations.

If you are aware of a defense contractor, highway contractor, large health care company, or other large contractor or subcontractor that is defrauding the United States Government out of millions or billions of dollars, contact Texas Government Fraud lawyer Jason Coomer.  As a Texas government fraud Lawyer, he works with other powerful qui tam lawyers that handle large governmental fraud cases.  He works with other Government Fraud Lawyers throughout the nation to blow the whistle on fraud that hurts the United States and our armed forces. 


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