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Industrial accidents including plant explosions, pipeline leaks, and chemical releases can cause catastrophic damages, severe injuries and even mass deaths.  Industrial accidents are a potential danger for people working in the heavy industry as well as neighbors and innocent bystanders that were at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Those that live close to heavy industries can be at risk and should be aware of any dangers in their environments.  Heavy industry has many benefits and is necessity for our modern World, but those running them have a duty to protect workers, neighbors, and innocent bystanders from known dangers by maintaining safety and limiting unnecessary risks. 

If one or more of your family members have been killed in an industrial accident, you have been seriously injured in an industrial accident, or have suffered significant damages from an industrial accident, feel free to contact Texas Industrial Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer via e-mail or submission form for a free online review of your potential Industrial Accident Claim.

Industrial Accident Claims and Mass Tort Claims

Industrial accidents and other mass tort claims including chemical plant explosions, chemical releases, large warehouse fires, and pipeline explosions cause mass destruction including death, personal injuries, and significant damage.  Because of our global economy, these industrial accidents can take place any place in the United States or in the World, but be caused by greedy corporations and negligent people in Texas or other parts of the United States.  In many instances following a large industrial accident the families of the victims have a difficult time locating a Texas Industrial Accident Lawyer or United States Industrial Accident Lawyer to handle accidental death claims, personal injury claims, or property damage claims against Texas corporations or United States corporations that made negligent safety decisions.  Working with other Texas Industrial Accident Lawyers and United States Industrial Accident Lawyers, Jason Coomer is able to assist people that have suffered the loss of family members, serious personal injuries, and significant property damage from large industrial accidents. 

Under Texas law those that make money and control heavy industries have a duty to be aware of potential dangers.  They also have a duty to actively work to minimize dangers that they are aware of that could kill, poison, burn, or injure people or cause significant damage to property.  Further, careless people or businesses that have made decisions to save money and these decisions have resulted in a catastrophic industrial accident should be held responsible for there actions.  Families, businesses, and communities that have suffered significant damages from large explosions, chemical spills, fires, train derailment, flooding, or other large industrial accident need to be compensated.  In some circumstances injured people, the family of a lost loved one, or a businesses can recover damages under Texas law. 

Catastrophic Industrial Accidents that have Caused Death and Injuries

Below are some large industrial accidents that have caused substantial damage.  Be careful and protect yourself and those that you love.

-CAI Inc. Plant Explosion - Danvers, Massachusetts - November 22, 2006
            - Could be heard up to 20 miles away
            - About 90 homes damaged and around 25 on those were destroyed
            - Approximately 10 people were injured

-BP Plant Explosion - Texas City, Texas - March 23, 2005
            - Killed 15 and injured 170 people
            - BP set aside 1.6 billion to take care of the damages caused

-The Explosion - Texas City, Texas - April 16, 1947
            - The blast took nearly 600 lives

            - Millions of dollars in property, and it scarred the town

-Formosa Plastics Corp. Explosions and Chemical Releases - Point Comfort, Texas - October 6, 2005 and Illiopolis, Indiana - April 24, 2004
Five people killed
            - Several others injured

-Union Carbide Chemical Tragedy - Bhopal, India - December 3, 1984
            - 15,000 people died
            - Tons of poisonous chemicals are still exposed to the environment
            - Soil samples show other toxic materials have leached underground, contaminating the
              water supply

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