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The human body is remarkable and can sometimes withstand great trauma and at other times suffers serious injury from an awkward fall or trauma.  Some of the worst injuries a person can suffer are to the nervous system including severe injuries to head, neck, and back.  Injuries to the brain and spine can cause serious damage to the body's neurological system causing brain damage, extreme pain, numbness, and loss of control of bodily functions.  Other serious damages include knee injuries, shoulder injuries, ankle injuries, wrist injuries, torn ligaments, and broken bones. 

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious catastrophic injury the most important thing you can do is to find a good medical doctor to assess the injury so you know what you are dealing with and how to best treat the injury.  The second step is determine how to pay for the necessary medical treatment.   As a Texas catastrophic injury lawyer, I help families seek compensation for catastrophic injuries.  If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury and are seeking compensation, use our contact form to contact Texas catastrophic injury Lawyer, Jason Coomer, for a free review of your potential claim or send an e-mail message with your name, address, description of the injury, when the injury occurred, how the injury occurred, and who caused the injury.

Catastrophic injury lawyer, Jason Coomer handles a variety of Texas personal injury claims including automobile accident claims (car wrecks, truck collisions, bus collisions, run over bicyclists, and motorcycle accidents); serious falls; falling objects, electrocutions; fires; smoke inhalation; toxic exposure; industrial accidents; misuse of equipment; falling objects; explosions; and shattered glass. 

Please feel free to contact The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer for additional information on a catastrophic injury personal injury claim.  Don't think that if you have suffered serious injuries that a responsible party either big business or insurance company is going to voluntarily tell you about all the insurance coverage they have or pay you money for all the damages you have suffered.  In fact many businesses and insurance companies will hire adjusters and defense lawyers to limit any money that they have to pay.  The last thing a person wants or needs to be doing after a serious catastrophic injury is to battle big insurance and their litigation team to make them take care of the damages that they have caused.  It helps having an experienced personal injury lawyer help you calculate damages including past medical bills, future medical expenses, pharmacy bills, therapy bills, lost wages, future lost wages, lost earning capacity, damage to career or business, pain & suffering, mental anguish, physical impairment, disfigurement, and other damages that you have suffered. 

For a free evaluation of your personal injury claims, contact The Law Offices of Jason S. Coomer.  Please include your name, the date of the accident, location of accident, the type of injuries suffered, and a brief description on how the injuries were suffered.

Austin Texas Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Jason Coomer commonly works with other Texas Catastrophic Injury Lawyers including Houston catastrophic injury lawyers, Dallas catastrophic injury lawyers, San Antonio catastrophic injury lawyers, and other Austin catastrophic injury lawyers to make sure that his clients are provided the best legal teams possible.   

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