Texas Oil Business Torts Are On The Rise Including Theft of Trade Secrets, Fraud, Misrepresentation, Director Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Unfair Business Practices, and other Oil Business Torts As Technology Advances and Fierce Competition Battles for Wealth, Assets, and Fortunes by Texas Oil Business Tort Lawyer, Texas Oil Trade Secret Theft Lawyer, Texas Oil Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawyer, and Texas Oil Unfair Business Competition Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas is a rich state for oil and gas production.  Throughout the last 100 years, many oil companies and Texas businesses have become rich by developing oil and gas reserves in Texas.  The latest advances in technology caused another oil boom, while market forces caused increased competition. These forces create opportunity for many businesses to illegally take vast amounts of wealth through fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and other illegal actions.  As a Texas Oil & Gas Business Tort Lawyer, Jason Coomer works with oil & gas companies, mineral owners, and investors who need to file suit against a corporate officer, business partner, employee,  competing business, or other party who fraudulently misrepresented oil exploration information, stole trade secrets, breached a contract, or otherwise illegal took signficant wealth or assets.

Texas Oil Business Torts | Texas Oil Business Tort and Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawyer

If you own a Texas oil business or are doing business in Texas with an oil company and have been unfairly harmed by an oil company, dishonest officer, oil business partner, oil company owner, or oil company employee; or another petroleum business has used unfair business practices against your business, feel free to submit an inquiry or send an e-mail to Austin Texas Oil Company Business Litigation Lawyer Jason Coomer. He provides advice to oil company business owners concerning theft of oil company trade secrets lawsuits, oil company shareholder actions, oil company breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits, oil company board of director conflict of interest claims, oil company lease disputes, unfair oil company business competition lawsuits, oil company intentional interference with business contracts lawsuits, oil company breach of contract lawsuits, and other oil company business tort litigation.

Who Are The Most Common Defendants in Texas Oil Company Theft of Trade Secrets Lawsuits, Texas Energy Company Theft of Trade Secrets, Texas Energy Company Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawsuits and Texas Oil Company Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawsuits?

Officers and employees that wrongfully steal intellectual property including theft of trade secrets, customer lists, patents, and copyrights can be held liable by Texas courts for breach of fiduciary duty, conversion, fraud, and other business torts.  As the intellectual property owned by an energy company becomes more valuable and easier to steal through technology, it is increasingly important for oil and gas businesses to protect their intellectual property as well as to make an example of officers, business partners, independent contractors, and employees that steal intellectual property.  Typically, officers, interest holders, and employees are the most common defendants in business tort cases.

In moving forward on a Texas Oil Company Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawsuit against a former oil company corporate officer or a Texas Oil Company Theft of Trade Secrets Lawsuit against a former oil company employer and their new energy company, it is important to have an experienced oil company business litigation lawyer or oil company business litigation team that is able to review and prosecute your Texas Oil Company Theft of Trade Secrets Lawsuit or Texas Oil Company Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawsuit.

What are the Differences Between Texas Oil Company Negligent Misrepresentation Lawsuits, Texas Oil Company Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawsuits, and Texas Oil Company Fraudulent Misrepresentation Lawsuits?

There are a variety of burdens of proof and potential collectable damages in different types of Texas Oil Company Tort Lawsuits.  The burden of proof is lower for negligent and breach of fiduciary duty lawsuits, but punitive damages are typically not available.  However, many Texas Oil Company Business Tort Lawsuits include allegations of negligence, breach of fiduciary, and fraud.  Overall, Texas has business tort laws against both fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation and breaches of fiduciary duty that can be brought against businesses and individuals that make misrepresentation that cause significant damages.  Under Texas negligent misrepresentation law, a business or individual "who, in the course of his business, profession or employment, or in any transaction in which he has a pecuniary interest, supplies false information for the guidance of others in their business transactions, is subject to liability for pecuniary loss caused to them by their justifiable reliance upon the information, if he fails to exercise reasonable care or competence in obtaining or communicating the information."  described by the Restatement (Second) of Torts Sec. 522. See Federal Land Bank Association of Tyler v. Sloane, 825 S.W.2d 439, 442 (Tex. 1991).

In moving forward on a Texas Oil Company Fraudulent or Negligent Misrepresentation Lawsuit against a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, professional corporation, individual or other business, it is important to have an experienced business litigation lawyer or business litigation team that is able to review and prosecute your Texas Oil Company Misrepresentation Lawsuit.

 What is a Texas Oil Company Intentional Interference with a Business Contract Lawsuit or Texas Oil Company Unfair Business Competition Lawsuit?

Texas oil company unfair business competition actions arise when an oil company uses unfair business practices to damage another oil business or put them out of business.  Examples of unfair business competition occur when a competing business intentionally steals trade secrets, releases false press releases, uses short term predatory pricing, demands exclusive contracts from suppliers, forces lenders to call in loans, steals business, or spreads false information in the business community to damage another business or put the business out of business.   Because of the size of many small business, losing a major contract, having a supplier stop providing supplies, having a lender call in a loans, or one false press release can cause significant damage and even bankruptcy for the small business.

If you are a Texas oil and gas business owner that has been damaged through illegal actions of other businesses and have suffered a significant loss of revenue or profits, please submit an inquiry or send an e-mail to Texas Oil Company Fraud Lawyer Jason Coomer.  He works with Texas Oil and Gas Business Owners to recover losses caused by unfair business competition.

What are Texas Corporate Malfeasance Lawsuits?

Austin Texas business Attorney, Jason Coomer helps Texas business owners that have lost money through wrongful acts of other businesses, majority shareholders, dishonest employees, corruption corporate officers, negligent corporate officers, and individuals. He helps review contracts, corporate documents, accounting, contracts, and corporate wrongful acts to determine if corporate malfeasance has occurred.  As an Austin Texas Business litigation attorney that has handled commercial litigation claims between former business investors battling for stock, corporate accountings, patents, trademarks, copyrights, web sites, domains, buildings, customer lists, and other business assets.  He is familiar with negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, Texas State Courts, and Federal Courts.  Austin Texas Business Litigation Lawyer, Jason Coomer is an experienced business litigation attorney that handles unfair business actions, shareholder actions, commercial real estate law, computer law, and other business litigation

Many Texas families became extremely wealthy through their oil royalties and mineral interests making millions and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Can Oil Company Fraud Also Be The Basis of an Oil Company Fraud Whistleblower Reward Lawsuit Where Competing Oil Companies, Oil Company Employees, and Oil Company Investors Can Blow the Whistle on Oil Company Fraud and Collect a Reward For Exposing the Fraudulent Actions?

In an effort to expose fraud and encourage persons with knowledge of significant fraudulent actions, several new Whistleblower Reward Laws and Whistleblower Protection Laws have been passed and other laws have been strengthened.  These laws include new SEC Bounty Actions, CFTC Bounty Actions, and IRS Whistleblower Reward Laws that allow competing oil company whistleblowers, oil company employee whistleblowers, and investor whistleblowers to receive large financial rewards for properly exposing large scale and systematic oil company fraud.

Some of these laws allow the identity of the whistleblower to remain confidential during the investigation of the whistleblower action.  The oil industry whistleblowers by working through a lawyer can often protect their identity and career by working through a whistleblower lawyer. These Whistleblower Qui Tam protections often allow an oil industry whistleblower lawyer to protect the identity of the whistleblower through the initial stages of a whistleblower action.  For more information on this topic, please go to the following webpage: Oil Company Accounting Fraud Lawsuit, Oil Company Fraud Accountant Whistleblower Bounty Lawsuit, Petroleum Accountant Fraud Whistleblower Bounty Lawsuit, Texas Oil Company Production Fraud Lawsuit, and Texas Operator Production Fraud Lawsuit Information by Oil Company Accounting Fraud Lawyer, Petroleum Accountant Whistleblower Bounty Lawyer, and Oil Company Accounting Fraud Whistleblower Lawyer Jason S. Coomer.

Texas Business Tort Lawsuits Are Becoming More Common With Advances in Technology, Market Fluctuations, and New Drilling Areas including Texas Eagle Ford Shale Oil Litigation

The Eagle Ford Shale is a large deposit of black calcareous shale with a high organic carbon content that outcrops in a northeast-southwest trending band through central Texas. In 2008 new technologies were used to start production on the Eagle Ford Shale which started a rush of Texas landmen to begin leasing mineral rights and drilling companies to begin drilling on the Eagle Ford Shale.  Eagle Ford Shale drilling technology typically requires both horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to increase production and make the well profitable. The high carbonate content of the Eagle Ford Shale makes the brittle rock respond favorably to hydraulic fracturing.

Oil companies and other businesses in the petroleum industry are competing for huge profits and revenues from the Eagle Ford Shale.  Some of these companies use unfair and unlawful acts to illegal take income and wealth from other businesses.  When this occurs, it is important to speak with an experienced Texas petroleum industry business litigation lawyer that understands how to seek compensation for unlawful business torts under Texas law.

Texas Oil Business Litigation Lawyers, Texas Oil Company Trade Secret Theft Lawyers, Texas Oil Company Corporate Officer Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawyers, Texas Oil Company Unfair Business Competition Lawyers, Texas Eagle Ford Shale Petroleum Business Litigation Lawyers, Texas Eagle Ford Shale Oil Company Business Tort Lawyers, and Texas Oil Company Business Litigation Lawyers

Texas Oil Company Business Tort Lawyer Jason Coomer frequently works with other Texas Petroleum Industry Business Litigation Lawyers across Texas and throughout the World including Houston Oil Business Tort Lawyers, Dallas Oil Business Litigation Lawyers, San Antonio Oil Business Litigation Lawyers, New York Petroleum Company Business Tort Lawyers, Delaware Oil Company Business Tort Lawyers, California Business Tort Lawyers, and other Austin Petroleum Business Tort Lawyers to provide high end professional legal services at reasonable prices.  He understands that many Texas Petroleum businesses have locations throughout Texas and the United States requiring good oil business lawyers in different locations throughout Texas, the United States, and the World.

Texas Oil Business Litigation Lawyer, Texas Oil Company Trade Secret Theft Lawyer, Texas Oil Company Corporate Officer Breach of Fiduciary Duty Lawyer, Texas Oil Company Unfair Business Competition Lawyer, Texas Eagle Ford Shale Petroleum Business Litigation Lawyer, Texas Eagle Ford Shale Oil Company Business Tort Lawyer, and Texas Oil Company Business Litigation Lawyer

Texas business litigation lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, helps Texas business owners protect their assets from theft of trade secrets, dishonest employees, breaches of contract, breaches of fiduciary duty, and unfair corporate competition by seeking compensation for damages, exemplary damages, and litigation costs from businesses and individuals that have committed wrongs.  If you need an Texas Oil Business Litigation Lawyer or a Texas Petroleum Business Tort attorney for oil industry theft of trade secret lawsuits, Texas breach of fiduciary duty oil company lawsuits, Texas corrupt corporate officer lawsuits, Texas dishonest oil company employee lawsuits, Texas oil business fraudulent partner lawsuits, Texas Eagle Ford Share fraudulent owner lawsuit, Texas oil industry unfair business competition, or other Texas oil company business litigation lawsuits, please feel free to contact Texas petroleum business litigation lawyer Jason Coomer.

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