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Tourist bus accident lawsuits, passenger bus crash lawsuits, and other fatal vacation travel accident lawsuits can be difficult as the families of the people that are killed or severely injured are sometimes not aware of potential defendants and jurisdictional issues that arise from a fatal tourist bus accident, deadly tour crash, vacation bus collision, deadly bus rollover crash, charter crash, or other fatal tourist accident. 

If you have lost a loved one in a fatal tourist accident including deadly bus accident, charter crash, shuttle collision, van rollover, or vehicle crash; or have been seriously injured by a tour bus, travel van, tourist bus, vacation shuttle, or other tour vehicle, feel free to submit an inquiry or send an e-mail to Texas Fatal Tour Bus Accident Lawyer and Vacation Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer

News Articles Regarding Fatal Bus Accidents, Deadly Vacation Accidents, Injured Tourists, Fatal Tour Bus Wrecks, Bus Collisions, Defective Tourist Bus Crashes, Bus Safety Violations, and Fatal Vacations

As safety violations rise in an era of transportation deregulation, strong economic pressures, careless drivers, negligent pilots, over worked air traffic controllers, and corporate greed, more and more fatal tourist accidents are occurring including tour bus accidents, tour van accidents, bus carrier accidents, air carrier accidents, tourist bus crashes, tour bus rollover accidents, regional bus carrier accidents, and other travel accidents.  Below are some news stories on fatal tour accidents and bus accidents: 

New Charges Against Driver in Bus Crash Driver Charged with Manslaughter in Va. Bus Crash
Friday, 03 Jun 2011

"A driver for a low-fare interstate bus service was charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter Friday following a brief court appearance on another charge stemming from this week's crash in Virginia that killed four passengers and injured dozens more."

The bus driver had a history of traffic safety violation including speeding and following other vehicles too closely.  The bus drive was arrested on charges stemming from a fatal bus accident that occurred in Virginia this week.

Feds had eye on Sky Express before Tuesday's deadly bus crash: US regulators had begun work to suspend operations of the Sky Express bus line even before a company bus flipped over Tuesday on an interstate highway in Virginia, killing four.
The Christian Science Monitor
By Patrik Jonsson, Staff writer / June 1, 2011

In May 2011, a deadly bus crash in Virgina, killed four people and injured several others.  The bus company had been under investigation by the US Department of Transportation for safety violations and was quickly shut down after the the deadly but crash.

The number of bus crashes involving low cost regional bus carriers have been increasing including at least four deadly crashes that have occurred in 2011 involving cut-rate regional bus carriers.  According to an excellent article by Patrick Jonsson, deregulation of the bus and transportation safety have resulted in increased safety violations that have resulted in more transportation accidents including fatal bus accidents.  

Eight American Tourists killed in Egypt Crash
NBC, msnbc.com and news services
updated 12/27/2010 6:47:18 AM ET

Eight American tourists were killed in a tour bus crash in December 2010.  The fatal tour bus accident occurred in southern Egypt on Sunday, killing eight American tourists and injuring 21 others.  This is the latest fatal crash involving tourists in Egypt.

"Road accidents are common in Egypt because of bad roads and poor enforcement of traffic rules, and crashes involving tour groups are not uncommon. An estimated 8,000 people die in car accidents annually in Egypt."

"Last month, eight foreign tourists were killed when their tour bus lost control and flipped over several times on a winding mountain road near a resort on Egypt's Red Sea coast, while in October six Belgian tourists were killed in a crash in the south."

8 tourists killed, 40 injured in Egyptian bus crash 8 tourists killed
Nov 21, 2010

In Egypt, a tour bus crash near Hurghada killed eight tourists and injured 40 tourist. The bus rollover crash happened on a winding mountain road and it is reported that the bus driver lost control of the bus when he was speeding through the mountains.

8 American Tourists Killed in Egypt Bus Crash
December 26, 2010.

Eight American tourists were killed in a tour bus crash in December 2010.  The fatal tour bus accident occurred in Aswan, Egypt and injured over 100 people. 

8 Tourists Killed, 13 Injured in Morocco Bus Crash 8 Tourists Killed, 13 injured in Morocco Bus Crash
Sep 08, 2010

Eight Portuguese tourists were killed and 13 wounded in fatal tour bus accident in September 2010 in Morocco.  It is reported that the tourist bus accidentally overturned because of excessive speed, but authorities are still investigating potential other causes of the accident including bus maintenance issues and driver negligence.  The bus was traveling from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta towards the Moroccan city of Tetouan when the accident occurred near the Errifiyyines area.

Tour Bus Crashes in Philippines, 15 Tourists Dead, Many Injured
Jun 13, 2010

A deadly bus crash in Manila killed at least 15 tourists and injured approximately 70 holidaymakers and local guides.  The fatal bus crash occurred when the bus fell into a ravine.

Toll in China Tourist Bus Crash Rises to 20 
By AFP | Apr 26, 2009

A fatal tourist bus crash in China has claimed the lives of 20 people and injured another 21 people.  The deadly bus crash between a tourist bus and a truck occurred in southwestern China.  According to reports a truck smashed into the back of the bus, causing it to flip over and skid along a highway.   The tour bus was loaded with tourists.

"China's roads are extremely dangerous due in large part to rampant careless driving. Nearly 73,500 people died in road accidents in China last year, or just over 200 fatalities per day, according to police statistics."

Tourist Bus Crashes in Egypt, Killing 12 Tourist Bus Crashes in Egypt, Killing 12
By AP | Sep 15, 2008

Seven tourists from the Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine, and five Egyptians were killed in a deadly bus crash in September 2008 when a delivery truck collided with a bus carrying European and Russian tourists in Egypt's Sinai peninsula.  Another 37 tourist were wounded. The fatal bus crash occurred near the Red Sea resort town of Ras Sadr.  "Egypt has a history of serious crashes because of speeding and poor road conditions. At least 8,000 people were killed in 2006 accidents."

Tourist Plane Crash Lawsuit, Tourist Charter Flight Crash Lawsuit, Tourist Airplane Crash Lawsuit, Fatal Tourist Air Crash Lawsuit, Pilot Error Charter Crash Lawsuit, Vacation Flight Crash Lawsuit, and Fatal Aircraft Crash Lawsuit Information
by Texas Tourist Charter Flight Crash Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Vacation Plane Crashes, Tourist Charter Flight Crashes, and other Tourist Aircraft Accidents are often the result of pilot error, defective maintenance, or defective aircraft.  Plane Crash Lawyer, Jason S. Coomer investigates fatal accidents and works with plane crash litigation teams including flight crash investigation professionals and lawyers throughout the nation and the World.  For more information on  Vacation Plane Crash Lawsuits, Tourist Charter Flight Crash Lawsuits, and Tourist Aircraft Accident Lawsuit, please go to the following Tourist Plane Crash Lawsuit, Tourist Charter Flight Crash Lawsuit, Tourist Airplane Crash Lawsuit Information page.

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Unfortunately, tourists can often become the victims of fatal vacation accidents including fatal bus crashes, deadly bus tour bus accidents, tourist van rollover crashes, charter air travel crashes, helicopter accidents, shuttle accidents, tourist bus crashes, and other serious accidents that can cause catastrophic injuries or death.  While on vacation, tourist are often not in control of the vehicle that they are riding in as well as are often unfamiliar with the tour company, tour bus driver, tour pilot, or tour van driver with who or in which they are traveling.  There is often no opportunity to make sure that the tour driver is qualified, not on drugs, not drinking and driving, not intoxicated, not over worked, or has a history of accidents.

This lack of control combined with a tour company's pressure to make money can cause devastating injuries or even kill a tourist when a negligent tour company, negligent charter company, negligent driver, or other careless party does not properly maintain their tour van, tour bus, charter airplane, helicopter, or other vehicle.  In other situations, the pilot, tour van driver, bus driver, helicopter pilot, shuttle driver, or other guide is not properly trained, is over worked, or is not properly screened.  In still other situations, unsafe tour vans, shuttles, travel vans, tour buses, airport vans, tourists vans, transport vans, or other vehicles are used unsafely to transport tourists. 

A prime example of an unsafe tour van, travel van, or other tourist van is the 15-passenger van.  These vans have been determined to be unsafe for the transport of school children to events on a regular basis and are known to have safety issues as they were originally designed for transport of cargo and lack many safety features that other vehicles have.  These passenger vans have a tendency to roll when they are in a crash or accident.  Combining poor maintenance including old or improper tires on these vans with this rollover crash tendency, can severely injure or kill tourists that are packed into a tour van.

Examples of fatal tour van accidents include a 2010 fatal tour van rollover crash in Utah.  The tour van was carrying Japanese tourists when it flipped and killed three tourists and injured twelve others. A fatal tour bus crash occurred in 2009 in Utah fatal tour bus crash, killed three tourists and injured 11 others.  These tour van and tour bus accidents are common as many tour companies do not properly maintain their vehicles or hire reckless drivers.  Other tour van accidents have occurred in Florida, Texas, New York, California, and several other states injuring and/or killing tourists.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Advisory on 15-Passenger Van Safety, 15-Passenger Van Rollover Crash Lawsuit Information, Defective Passenger Van Accident Lawsuit Information, Deadly Van Rollover Crash Lawsuit Informant, Defective Fifteen Passenger Van Lawsuit Information, Fatal Passenger Van Accident Lawsuit Information, and Fatal Van Rollover Lawsuit Information

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards set minimum performance requirements for those vehicle parts that protect drivers and passengers from death or serious injury in the event of a crash (air bags, safety belts, child restraints, energy absorbing steering columns, motorcycle helmets).  These vehicle performance requirements, defective automobile crashworthiness lawsuits, manufacturer safety policies, and the investigation efforts of the The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are important to identify unsafe vehicles with defective airbags, defective seat belts, defective child restraints, defective roof design, defective designs that cause vehicle fires, and defective designs that cause vehicle rollovers.

For more information Deadly Passenger Van Lawsuits, Ford Van Lawsuits, Chrysler Van Lawsuits, and Van Rollover Lawsuits, please go to the following web page, Deadly Passenger Van Lawsuits and Ford Rollover Crash Lawsuits and Defective Vehicle Lawsuits.  For more information on Fatal Passenger Van Rollover Lawsuits, School Van Lawsuits, Church Van Lawsuits, and Tourist Van Lawsuits, please go to the following web pages, Passenger Van Rollover Lawsuits (Church, School & Tourist Vans) and Travel Van Lawsuits and Tourist Van Lawsuits

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As a United States Tourist Accident Lawyer, Jason Coomer, works on Tourist Bus Accident Lawsuits, Fatal Vacation Accident Lawsuits, and Tourist Van Rollover Accident Lawsuits involving serious injuries and fatal automobile collisions all over the State of Texas and throughout the United States and the World.  In working on Fatal Tourist Bus Accident Lawsuits, Jason Coomer commonly works with other Tourist Bus Crash Lawyers throughout Texas, the United States, and the World including Houston Fatal Tourist Bus Crash Lawyers, Dallas Fatal Bus Carrier Lawyers, El Paso Charter Bus Crash Lawyers, and San Antonio Fatal Tourist Accident Lawyers.

In working with other Fatal Tourist Accident Lawyers and Fatal Tourist Bus Accident Lawyers, he is able to more efficiently investigate and litigate catastrophic injury and fatal automobile crash and deadly bus wreck lawsuits that are caused by careless travel companies, careless bus companies, negligent drivers, negligent pilots, defectively designed buses and other careless businesses and people that have caused a fatal tourist accident or fatal tourist bus accident.

Tourist Bus Accident Lawsuit, Defective Tour Bus Lawsuit, Tourist Bus Crash Lawsuit, Deadly Vacation Bus Crash Lawsuit, Vacation Tour Bus Accident Lawsuit, Fatal International Vacation Bus Lawsuit, and Fatal Bus Collision Lawsuit Information by Texas Fatal Tourist Bus Crash Lawyer and Tour Bus Accident Lawyer Jason S. Coomer

Texas Deadly Tourist Bus Accident lawyer, Jason S. Coomer, helps individuals that have been seriously injured and the families of people that have been killed as a result of negligent tourist bus companies, negligent travel companies, negligent tour guides, negligent travel agencies, careless tour bus drivers, careless shuttle bus drivers, defective tour buses, negligent vacation travel agent, and improper maintenance on travel buses.  If you have a question about a fatal tourist bus lawsuit, vacation bus lawsuit, or other travel vacation accident lawsuit, feel free to contact Texas Fatal Tourist Bus Accident Lawyer and Tourist Vacation Fatal Accident Lawyer Jason Coomer.


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